Museum of Medicine Azerbaijan

Museum of the History of Medicine of Azerbaijan

The Museum of Medicine of Azerbaijan is designed to highlight an important section of the cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people, the history of the development of medicine and healthcare in the republic, from ancient times to the present day, as well as to talk about the contribution of Azerbaijani scientists to the development of domestic and world science.

It is symbolic that the museum is deployed in the building of the former Chernogorod hospital, where in 1914-1917. after the Astrakhan exile, Nariman Najaf-Kuli oglu Narimanov worked as a doctor. This is respectfully reminded by the inscription on the granite bas-relief installed at the entrance to the museum.

The Museum of Medicine of Azerbaijan in its emergence, functioning and development is directly related to the medical and historical heritage, the safety of which largely depends on the assessment, understanding and perception of future generations. The museum forms an attitude towards cultural heritage, develops interest in and respect for the past.


 According to the guide Zemfira Dadashova, about a thousand exhibits are on display in the exhibition halls of the museum. The museum welcomes visitors. The museum is regularly visited by students of the Azerbaijan Medical University, doctors from the Institute for the Improvement of Doctors, students of secondary medical schools, foreign guests and local residents.

Sevinj Manieva, director of the museum, says the fund holds 13,845 items. Of these, 8162 belong to the main fund and 5683 to the auxiliary fund. The fund is constantly replenished with new materials. Regular visits are organized to collect antique medical instruments and materials. 



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Museum:  09:00 – 18:00

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The museum is open every day except Sunday and Saturday