Mammad Suleymanoglu (Mammadov).

Medical views of Nizami
Baku, 1997. 248 p.
In the monograph, the scientific outlook of Nizami Ganjavi, the ethics of medicine and art, his views on the organic connection between literature and medicine, the poet's medical collections, his views on preventive medicine, the medical and social aspects of the society he desired, etc., covered the most important issues. Although the work is research in nature, it is written in accordance with the interest of students, doctors, the intelligentsia, in general, a wide range of readers.

Mammad Suleymanoglu

Adili's life...
Publishing house "Günəş ".
- Baku - 2006. 184 pages, with drawings.
In this book, one of the luminaries of health care in Azerbaijan, an outstanding scientist, pediatrician, academician Adilya Namazova talks about her honorable life path, caring attitude towards people, social and scientific activities.

Sevinj Mamed Suleiman

"In search of the meaning of life",
Baku-2010, "Tebib" publishing house, 284pp.
Modernity presents serious challenges to humanity. That is why many philosophers fix the onset of a spiritual crisis. Therefore, there was a need for awareness of attention to the meaning of life. The crisis is due to the fact that life is becoming more difficult, it requires each of us, and. communities in order to make serious efforts to rethink human values themselves. Life acquires meaning when a person thinks about the finiteness of his existence - death. Being the secret of human existence, the thought of death in an unusual way leads a person to the process of spiritual development and self-knowledge ... The author in the book examines issues related to the meaning of life and values based on the teachings of philosophers, creative people, all those who have this question in history was interesting. The book will help the reader once again try to think about the problems with the phenomena of being, love and happiness, death.


Baku, 2012, page 178.
The monograph says that science is a very important part of culture, a phenomenon. Achievements of science, along with other components of culture, serve the general development of society, contribute to an increase in human activity, and the expansion of creativity. The relationship between science and culture has a concrete historical content. The book is devoted to determining the content of this correlation at each stage of social development, on the one hand, with the level of development of science and culture, and on the other hand, with social conditions and the nature of the social structure.

Mammad Suleymanoglu

"They will be remembered..."
Baku, "Nurlan" publishing house, 2003, 154 pages.
The book is dedicated to interesting moments of his communication with Mustafa Topchubashov Sons of genius of our people, academician - our great poet Samad Vurgun, creator of the first opera in the East Uzeyir Gadzhibekov, outstanding medical scientist, statesman Aziz Aliyev, world famous chemist Yusif Mammadaliyev, our great composer Muslim Magomayev, the founder of our vocal performer, our priceless Koroglu, Bulbul. In beautiful, artistic language, the author of the book symbolically described the place of the seven spiritual brothers headed by Mustafa-bek in science, medicine, poetry and musical culture of our people with the tree "Seven Brothers" on the title page. The book is intended for a wide audience.

Mammad Suleymanoglu

Ministers of Health of Azerbaijan
Oral folk literature, art, architecture, examples of folk art of the Azerbaijani people have an ancient tradition of development. In this regard, our traditional medicine is perhaps ahead of everyone. Because the first doctor is the same age as the first person. Apparently, it is no coincidence that Azerbaijan is called the Country of Doctors. In both cases, our lands have healing springs, mud volcanoes, abundant solar heat, 4000-4500 medicinal plants, a healing climate, etc. has divine influence. ... It is worth writing volumes of research papers about the life of doctors in a country with such a rich natural and historical existence. Apparently, this is the work of the future. Although the book presented to readers covers a short period of time - the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, it is instructive in terms of its scope and the development of our history of medicine. The book is dedicated to the turbulent life and activities of the ministers who at that time led the development of domestic health care. Undoubtedly, the work will be in demand by the medical community and a wide readership interested in the history of the development of our healthcare, the construction of our healthcare.

M. Suleymanoglu (Mammadov).

Rectors of Azerbaijan Medical University
Scientific editor: Head of the Department of Social Hygiene and Health Organization, Professor R.A. Chobanov
Consultant: academician Namazova A.A. M. Suleymanoglu (Mammadov).
Rectors of the Azerbaijan Medical University (Portrait artistic and journalistic essays).
Baku, "Science and Education", 2010. 304 p.
The book is dedicated to the life and work of the rectors (directors) who led the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute in 1930-2010 (and the Faculty of Medicine during the rectorship of Tagi Shahbazi Baku State University (1926-1930). The monograph reflects the gradual construction of the national healthcare system, the achievements medical science, the problems facing it. Although the work is intended primarily for the medical community and those interested in the history of medicine, it may be of interest to a wide range of readers. After all, health care is number one of all social problems. Naturally, the history of its development, its founders and its defenders is of interest to everyone.