Mustafa Hajigasimov

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, there were many doctors who studied at various higher educational institutions in Russia and later played an important role in the development of health care in Azerbaijan, among them M. Mirgasimov, prominent surgeons M. Topchubashov, A. Garayev and others. One of them was Hajigasimov Mustafa Mahmud oglu. M. Hajigasimov is a highly qualified specialist, one of the organizers of the obstetrics and gynecology service in Azerbaijan. It should also be noted that at the beginning of the 20th century there were 6 specialists in obstetrics and gynecology in the republic. Only one of them was Azerbaijani. It was Mustafa Hajigasimov.
Mustafa Hajigasimov was born on June 12, 1883 in Agstafa. In 1904 he graduated from the Tiflis 1st gymnasium and entered the medical faculty of Kharkov University. Many sources indicate that he studied under the scholarship of Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev. Mustafa, who received his higher education in 1910, until 1914 worked in the obstetric and gynecological clinic of Kharkov University. During the First World War – in 1914-1917 he worked as the chief coordinator of the city hospital of the Kharkov Medical Society. In 1917-1918 he was the chief physician of the surgical hospital.
Returning to Baku, Hajigasimov from 1919 to 1938 became the head of the gynecological department of the hospital named after Azizbekov. In parallel, he teaches courses in obstetrics. In 1927-1938 he worked as the director of a maternity hospital. During his time at the hospital, the number of beds was increased from 24 to 400, and until 1938, 6,000 operations were performed under his supervision. The hospital has become the base for training personnel of the Azerbaijan Medical University. M. Hajigasimov worked in the clinic of obstetrics and gynecology of the Azerbaijan Medical University along with the maternity hospital.
M. Hajigasimov was one of the famous doctors not only in Azerbaijan, but also in a number of republics of the former union. In 1931, his article was published in one of the magazines published in Berlin. In addition to scientific research and medical activities, he also enjoyed great respect among the people. He was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan SSR of the 1st, 11th and 3rd convocations. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Hajigasimov was awarded the honorary titles of Honored Doctor, Honored Scientist of the Republic.
Studying the documents about M. Hajigasimov in the fund of the Museum of Medicine of Azerbaijan, we come across information reflecting his services to the people as a deputy. It is also clear from the letters addressed to him that his students always remembered their teacher and were in close contact with him. One of the well-known doctors, Odenov, in his letter addressed to Hajigasimov, evaluates him as a person who has been providing unsurpassed services to the people of Azerbaijan for many years. Odenov’s wish to the professor sounded like this: “… I wish you good health and long life for the happiness of the people.” Yes, when considering the activities of M. Hajigasimov, we see that he is one of those who work for the benefit of the people.
The name of M. Hajigasimov, who worked for the sake of the health of his people and was one of the first national personnel in the field of obstetrics and gynecology in Azerbaijan, is immortalized in memory. So, Azizbekov maternity hospital No. 1, where he worked for many years, was later named after him. . Under his leadership, thousands of doctors learned to give people health and the joy of creative work.



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