Salih Mustafa oglu Salihov

Salih Mustafa oglu Salikhov was born on March 12, 1909 in the village of Bulagotagi, Aghdash region.
Salih, who lost his parents at a young age, grows up in the care of his older brother. In 1929, Salih arrived in Baku and entered the faculty of False. First, he receives a higher pedagogical education. Since 1933 he has been teaching at various educational institutions in Baku. In 1939, he entered the medical and preventive faculty of the Medical Institute and graduated from the Institute in 1943. After graduating from the institute, he works as a field doctor, clinical intern at a medical institute, teacher and director at a medical college. In 1945, he was accepted as an assistant of the II hospital therapeutic department of the ADTI. In 1950 he defended his Ph.D. thesis, and in 1956 he was elected Associate Professor of this department. In 1966, Mr. Salih defended his doctoral dissertation, and Professor Salih Salikhov, elected in the same year to the position of professor, headed this department until the end of his life.
The professor is the author of more than 100 scientific papers, including 3 monographs. Lecturer Salikhov S. also translated A. Myasnikovur’s textbook “Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases” into Azerbaijani. In 1952, S. Salikhov was the first in world medical practice to use intravenous penicillin in the treatment of lung abscess. Salikhov S., in order not to put the life of any patient in danger, first tested penicillin on himself.
Salikhov S. was a famous, influential doctor, scientist and teacher not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the USSR at that time. This is confirmed by the following fact: in 1956, the teacher Salih, by decision of the leadership of the USSR, was sent to work in Yemen. Salih Salikhov, who worked as the personal physician of the King of Yemen, managed to gain great popularity in this country. Salihov Salih did invaluable work for the health care of Yemen – he organized royal paramedic schools in the cities of Sana’a and Hodeid and taught Arabic to students of these institutions. In addition to all this, under the leadership of Mr. Salih, stoinatology rooms and obstetric-gynecological departments were also organized in Yemen. Dozens of young men and women who graduated from the Royal Medical School, subsequently acquired the profession of a doctor in various higher educational institutions of the USSR and returned to their homeland as qualified specialists to serve their people.
Hasan Mahsani, director of the Hodain hospital, from his memoirs: “Trying to write about Dr. Salikhov, I understand that I cannot convey how attentive, humane and responsible he is. He opened up new paths for us in the organization of health care, methods of treatment and hospital regimen.
The inhabitants of Yemen, grateful to Mr. Salih for these services, created museums of Salih Salikhov in the cities of Sana’a and Hodeid, which are still operating today.
After returning to his homeland, Salih continued his teaching, scientific and pedagogical and social activities. He worked as the head of the department of ATI, the chief therapist of the Ministry of Health, a member of the editorial board of the Azerbaijan Encyclopedia. Under his leadership, 12 candidate and doctoral dissertations were defended.
The glasses of Professor Salih Salikhov were highly appreciated by our people and our state. In 1960, the professor was awarded the honorary title of “Honored Doctor”, and in 1969 he was awarded the honorary title of the Supreme Council.
On June 2, 1976, Salih Salikhov died suddenly in the hospital therapy department, which he headed at the Medical Institute. Saliha Salikhova.
After his death, the Aghdash Central District Hospital was named after him, and a bust of the professor was erected in the courtyard of the hospital.
After his death, the Aghdash Central District Hospital was named after him, and a bust of the professor was erected in the courtyard of the hospital.
One of the main tasks of the Azerbaijan Medical Museum is to convey to our current generation the activities of our outstanding doctors and scientists who have contributed to the development of medical science and healthcare in our country. Professor S. M. Salikhov was one of our outstanding medical workers who left an indelible mark on the memory of our people. In the 7th hall of the Azerbaijan Museum of Medicine, a stand and a showcase are exhibited, telling about the life and work of the outstanding scientist Salih Salikhov.



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