Tamerlan Aziz oglu Aliyev

(October 3, 1921, Shakhtakhty, Nakhchivan MSSR – April 7, 1997, Baku) – an outstanding representative of Azerbaijani medical science, honored scientist, laureate of the State Prize, doctor of medical sciences, professor.
Tamerlan Aliyev was born on October 3, 1921 in the village of Shakhtakht, Nakhchivan region. 3 years before his birth – in 1918, his parents were forcibly moved from Yerevan, the ancient land of Azerbaijan, and became victims of vandalism committed by non-Armenians.
T. Aliyev’s father, the future prominent statesman and scientist Aziz Aliyev, was almost 2 years old when he and his family moved from Nakhchivan to Baku in May 1923. At that time, Aziz Aliyev, who was a second-year student at the St. Petersburg Medical Academy, had to continue his higher medical education in Baku, which was interrupted due to the move.
Tamerlan Aliyev spent all periods of his later life in Baku, in this city he grew up and matured. He received his first education in elementary school No. 3 of the city of Baku, then he graduated from secondary school No. 176 of the Oktyabrsky district of Baku. Having completed his secondary education with excellent marks, the teenager was exempted from the entrance exams according to the then rules, and in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor, he entered the medical and preventive faculty of the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute. in 1940.
Tamerlan Aliyev, Chairman of the Society of Endocrinologists of Azerbaijan, was highly appreciated for his invaluable merits in the development of the field of endocrinology, even outside our country, and brought wide fame to the outstanding scientist. Thanks to his outstanding scientific achievements, the Azerbaijani scientist was elected a member of the Board of Directors of the All-Union Scientific Society of Endocrinologists, Cardiologists and Nephrologists of the former USSR.
A great historical event in the health care of Azerbaijan was the successful holding in 1983 by Professor T. Aliyev of an offsite scientific session of the All-Union Society of Endocrinologists in Baku. For many years, the outstanding scientist was the chief therapist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the chief endocrinologist of the Baku City Health Department, the vice-rector for scientific work of the ATI for public affairs, etc. performed his duties, was an adviser to the IV Main Department of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a member of the Republican Conscription Commission and the editorial board of the Azerbaijan Medical Journal. He also served as chairman of the Specialized Council of Defense in the specialty of therapy, operating at the Azerbaijan Medical University, led the training of young scientific personnel in this field and the replenishment of the army of qualified and educated scientists.
Under the scientific guidance and guidance of Tamerlan Aliyev, 5 doctoral and 25 master’s theses were completed.
Professor Aliyev T. was the author of more than 250 scientific papers, including 12 monographs, textbooks and manuals, guidelines and practical suggestions, inventions, as well as numerous scientific articles.
“Laboratory and diagnostic research methods” (1974), “Details of diabetes” (1977), “Biochemical research methods” (1979), “Diabetes” (1979), “Prediabetes” ( 1982) under the authorship of Tamerlan Aliev. “Disorders of carbohydrate metabolism and coronary heart disease” (1983), “Circulatory disorders in diabetes mellitus and their regulation” (1985), “Endocrinology” (1993) and others. Such works are still relevant today. The textbook “Endocrinology”, written by the scientist on the basis of his practical skills and theoretical knowledge gained through many years of experience, is the first large-scale, comprehensive publication written in Azerbaijani in this field. The scientist also translated the book “ECG Resources” by A.V. Sumarokov and A.A. Mikhailov from Russian into Azerbaijani.
Professor T.Aliyev’s monograph “Clinical and diagnostic laboratory research methods” was presented at the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements and was awarded the gold medal of the exhibition. This monograph was awarded the State Prize of the Azerbaijan SSR.
Tamerlan Aliyev has repeatedly made innovative presentations at scientific conferences held in the United States of America, France, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Finland and other foreign countries.
Tamerlan Aliyev died on April 7, 1997 and was buried in the Alley of Honor.
The outstanding scientist was awarded the honorary title of “Honored Worker of Science” in 1981, the Orders of “Badge of Honor” and “October Revolution” in different years, the winner of the “State Prize of the Azerbaijan SSR”, the gold medal of the Exhibition of National Economy. Achievements of the USSR, with the badge “Excellent Health Worker”, awarded the Honorary Decree of the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan SSR and other awards, repeatedly received letters from the State Committee for Inventions and Discoveries of the USSR in exchange for the valuable results of his significant scientific and methodological work.



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