The exposition of the next hall begins with a demonstration of not only photographs, but also other exhibits reflecting the organization (in the second half of the 19th century) by the city government and the Baku Council of the congress of oilmen of the first medical institutions in Azerbaijan, which were equipped with modern medical equipment. The exposition acquaints us with doctors working here, representatives of other nationalities. A photo is shown, which captures the medical assistant’s station in Ramany for history.

Special sections are dedicated to a prominent surgeon, later to the first president of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, prof. Mirasadulla Mir-Kasimov, and one of the founders of the pediatric service in Azerbaijan – Doctor of Medicine Yevsey Gindes, as well as the First Minister of Health of Azerbaijan Khudadatbek Rafibekov.

In the same hall, two dioramas are shown with a panorama of Baku: the barracks of the 19th cholera infirmary, built in 1914, and an episode of hospitalization of an infectious patient.

The stands display medical equipment that belonged to local doctors.



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