The exhibits of the next hall begin with a portrait of the first People’s Commissar of Health of the former USSR Nikolai Semashko, and the Commissioner of Health of Azerbaijan, Movsum Kadyrly (Israfilbekov).

Emerged in 1934-1936. A special section is devoted to the Goychay people’s movement to improve the sanitary culture of the rural population.

Step by step, there is a story about how the formation of higher medical education, further specialization and improvement of doctors was carried out: about the work of the Azerbaijan Medical University, the Institute for the Improvement of Doctors named after Aziz Aliyev and others.

Special sections are devoted to the history of the organization of secondary medical education and the activities of the Red Crescent Society.

Many exhibits of the museum highlight the scientific and educational activities of the prominent medical scientist, Professor Son. Valikhan. Visitors also get acquainted with the works (with autographs) published in Berlin in the 1930s by another ophthalmologist, Professor Umnis Musabekova.

The next stand is dedicated to Naftalan oil, which has gained world fame with its rich natural and healing resources produced in Azerbaijan. Similarly, the opening of the Naftalan resort coincided during this period. For the first time stories about Naftalan oil can be found in the works of Herodotus and Plutarch. Its healing properties are spoken of in the poems of Nizmi Ganjavi.



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