The hall is dedicated to the national leader of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev. The protection of public health and the development of healthcare in the republic are directly related to his name. During the reign under the leadership of Heydar Aliyev, specialized institutions were opened in Baku and other cities of the republic, which, in turn, were equipped with the most modern and advanced medical equipment and medicines for that period. In many former Soviet and foreign countries, highly qualified specialists in the field of medicine were trained. During the reign of Heydar Aliyev, a number of significant events are taking place in Azerbaijan in the field of healthcare and medical science; 1 Congress of District Doctors; Conference of Ophthalmologists; the opening of the Cardiology Research Institute, and much more. The expositions of the hall show photographs of Heydar Aliyev’s personal participation in significant healthcare events, conferences, presidiums, meetings with prominent doctors Ihsan Dogramachi; Michael DeBakey; with the world famous Mstislav Rostropovich.

The rich scientific heritage of Zarifa Aliyeva, her research in various branches of ophthalmology, her successes, written fundamental works are the bright pages of the medical science of Azerbaijan. The stands of the hall show photographs and documents of the scientific activity of the great scientist. Author of fourteen monographs and 160 scientific articles, 12 rationalization proposals. Academician Zarifa Aliyeva, who glorified Azerbaijani ophthalmology throughout the world, was an innovative scientist with her own style.

Academician, well-deserved scientist Zarifa Aliyeva was awarded the highest award in the field of ophthalmology – the Prize of the Academy of Medical Sciences named after Academician M.I. Averbakh.



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